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Voicy for Google My Business

The SMS Agent for Google My Business is a unique solution providing automated customer service solution, It helps in building customer loyalty and boost sales. The app is easy to integrate, A unique sms number will be provided once you register and update it on Google my business messaging feature and see the magic working. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning our agent will answer any and all questions, generate orders and show off your menu and timings, etc.

 It is Easy to set up, All you have to do is update the unique number provided to you and update it on Google my business messaging feature.

It is completely customizable and has the ability to add any number of Questions and answers, Also add the same answer for multiple questions.

Benefits :

  • Connect with your customer 24/7
  • Show off your Menu
  • Generate Orders
  • Answer general queries
  • Build Customer loyalty and boost sales
  • Reduced Customer Service Costs
  • Affordable solution with no hardware required
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$ 14.99 Monthly
  • $14.99 Automated Service for upto 200 Conversations & 1000 SMS Replies per Month


$ 29.99 Monthly
  • $29.99 Automated Service for upto 600 Conversations & 3000 SMS Replies per Month