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 Power the next generation customer engagement for offline commerce businesses by leveraging cutting edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning, Search, Information processing and retrieval technologies.Voicy.AI(Voicemonk) was incorporated in Oct 2015 and has built a natural language dialog engine using several patent-pending ideas to improve business workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and enable conversational marketing.Voicy.AI consists of technologists, experienced engineers, and marketers with decades of experience working with or leading stellar teams at Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, Yahoo, Samsung, Groupon, is focused on helping improve the profitability and customer satisfaction for offline commerce businesses in food,services,and retail.

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Voicy Team

We have a team of 7 passionate engineers working from India. Advisors and part time contributors include people from Stanford, Duke, IIT, BITS. Reputed coders on Github.

Jagadish Nomula


Technologist and Innovator in A.I, Deep Learning, Search, Personalization, Imitation Learning, Chatbot, and Ads software

Vineel Yalamardi

Senior Architect

University of Utah Alumni, Machine Learning & Deep learning Technology specialist with experience in GoDaddy and eBay, etc.

Rob Nelson


COO/CBO/CMO Wharton School, BS in Econ Mgt/Mktg Experience AlexBrown Deutsche Bank Bank of America, Morgan Stanley

Abhishek Tumpala

Director of Operations/BizDev

Director of Operations/BizDev MBA from Jain University.Marketing, Sales, building relationships and managing projects.

Intellectual property

10 Patents filed with  independent ideas Covering innovations in eCommerce, customer service, conversational ads, predicting search intent using aggregated behavior and behavior processor using imitation learning.The patents have citation with  Google, Facebook, Salesforce and Microsoft.

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