AI Powered assistants for Health Care

Let your Hospital/clinic talk to your patients while you take care of them in person. Answer every patient’s query and cut down on their wait time with Voicy’s AI integration.Whether you own a clinic or work for a Hospital, give your patients the best customer engagement experience. 

For Hospitals that handle all their Doctor’s patients

Personalize customer engagement conversations with Voicy’s AI integration that can book an appointment with your patient’s doctor, remind them of their appointments, blood draws, pharmacy orders and much more with just one call or text

For Clinics that handle their own patients 

Be it an in-clinic visit or an informative phone call, let your patients get the attention they deserve. Voicy’s Lucy can help them book an appointment, know your availability, get follow ups and more with just one text/call

For employers that want to give a little extra during the pandamic

It’s Covid and you need to make sure your staff don’t fall sick while working for you. Make sure they are healthy, Keep an eye on their well being, motivate them to keep up their spirits with Voicy’s latest conversational survey that can help you accomplish all the above over both call and text

An idea of our Telephone Agent’s work flow

The customizations with Voicy’s AI integration are endless and can be unique to every organisation.Contact us at for more information