Patent Licensing:

We have patented several valuable technologies in consumer internet eco-systems.

Advertising to users using identifier: 

Our patent with title,System and method for presenting targeted content ( claims ideas about how businesses can target content to users across internet eco-systems. The privacy for the users is guaranteed using one way hashes. In 2010 advertisers could only target ads using cookies. The invention disclosure took a different approach to target users across internet eco-systems using an identifier approach. The idea in the disclosure gained found adoption, when Facebook introduced id based re-targeting.  After Facebook found significant success by helping advertisers with re-targeting,Google, Twitter, SalesForce, Linkedin and others also built capability around id based re-targeting.

Social Search Ranking:
Building upon the ideas from 2010, we patented the ideas in Social Search in 2011 ( The independent claims talk about how horizontal search engines such as Google, Bing and Social Networks such as Facebook and Linkedin can improve the search relevance by using social derived context of the user.
Generalized Virtual Agent service:
In 2015, the founder Jagadeshwar Nomula quit his role in fine tuning search ranking at Amazon and set out to move the needle in the AI spaces. One of his first ideas was to build a generic platform to make every business interact with a customer, as the owner would do using Artificial Intelligence. To protect his ideas, he patented the methods to build generalized virtual agent technology at Cloud companies and Website platforms can pursue this idea and provide a valuable service to businesses.
Virtual Shopping agent:
Can we improve the conversion on eCommerce websites you can see some approaches at
We have patented the technology at Please let us know if you want the technology for your eCommerce use cases.
 Hyper Personalized Conversational Marketing:
How can we model advertisements in an AI first/Natural Language interfaces first eco-system? How can we improve the conversion on the ads? Can we model the aggregated user behavior from borrowing ideas from 2010 patent to get more customers for business using Deep Reinforcement Learning techniques? Some the ideas are published in the patent
The patent license can be of great asset to Social Networks and Advertising companies.
Stealth ideas:
Building upon the innovations in Advertising, Social Search, Communication, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence from 2010, we are working on more ideas. The inventions are not public. Please reach out to us, if you are interested in knowing more.
Technology Licensing:
We are pioneering open source NLP technology at have built foundation technology for building voice and text virtual agents and chat-bot technology for offline commerce, hospitality, eCommerce, call center and recruiting use cases.If you are pursuing an AI strategy for your enterpirse and looking for a solutions provider or a code base to start with, we can help.
                                                 Please contact us at for a free technology assessment.