Voicy.AI proudly partners with Yext to empower local businesses.

Today voicy.ai is proud to announce the partnership with Yext that will further assist the network of business clients to succeed in their Advertising, Marketing, Customer Loyalty & Customer Service. Taking advantage of Voicy.AI, business owners can save a lot of time and money.

Our user-friendly application SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement will help businesses to run SMS Campaigns to advertise and educate their customers about offers, promotions, etc. Our app gives businesses a powerful new tool to help them reach their customers in a targeted way.

Features like Quick-Replies will automate and handle complex customer service queries which for the most part involve the burden of a heavy time/monetary investment. Clients can access the Menu items in your Yext account and directly place an order with just a click of SMS. The ease of use in the app provides in combination with great results for any budget, it is the perfect pairing for any businesses looking for more leads and loyalty. 

The SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement can easily outperform any service provider at the lowest possible cost. Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, It can efficiently improve advertising, client support needs. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

As a major player, we are positioned as a pioneer in the virtual agent space. We are also available with other partners, including Intuit QuickBooks, Clover POS, and other progressing partnerships to make this accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Engage with your customers using Conversational Text Messaging

Conversational marketing is a famous concept used by many companies to narrow down or reduce their sales cycle and create a more interactive experience to their customers while buying.

Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing utilizes the chatbot technology to create a more natural and human experience to the customer. They can gather information any time, instantaneously without  delay in the response time.

Using Conversational SMS you are not just reaching out to people only asking them to make purchases but also answering their questions and providing more information about your business.

Customers are cluttered with various different companies and offerings for exactly the same product. The buying experience has changed and people want to make sure they have more information before they make a decision. Using conversational SMS customers have more information about the company and their products.

SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement application by Voicy.AI has mastered the conversational marketing space by providing marketers the freedom to not just to run SMS Campaigns but also create interactions between the business and customer. The unique application has pre-built flows which can generate orders and also customizable for the various needs of marketers.

Using conversational SMS is very simple, just ask the customers to reply with an associated keyword, number, etc. Once they reply the response is sent instantly.

Conversational text messaging can save time by automating your customer service and engage your customers with relevant and professional conversations all the time.

Start engaging with your customers now by using Voicy.AI’s SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement app.


with Google: https://www.voicy.ai/sms-marketing/

with Intuit: https://apps.intuit.com/smsagent

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How SMS Marketing can impact your business

Regardless of the span of the business everybody began incorporating SMS Marketing in their marketing blend.

Numerous organizations are utilizing SMS as an approach to connect with their customers when they are most likely to stop by your business.

If you have not considered it yet, it is the time to reach out to all your customers. More than 2.5 Billion people have smartphones that are capable of text messaging.

Latest statistics state that people tend to receive communication over a text message over any other source like talking over the phone, email, etc.

Voicy.AI has developed a perfect solution for all your SMS needs using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement application.

Features & Advantages of SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement:

  1. Reach out to all your customers within seconds using Voicy.AI’s SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement App.
  1. Interact more with your customers and allow them to respond back to your messages quickly and easily.
  1. Give information about your products and service and generate orders all by using SMS
  1. Taking advantage of Conversational Marketing, make your customer engagement mechanized with pre-constructed SMS streams and adaptable Quick Replies
  1. Text messaging almost provides results almost instantaneously.
  1. People tend to open their text messages with a few seconds or minutes.


If you are not using text messaging as one of your marketing strategies, start using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement and accelerate your brand loyalty and awareness. Voicy.AI offers SMS Marketing and Customer Engagement application beginning from 9.99$ per month.

with Google: https://www.voicy.ai/sms-marketing/

with Intuit: https://apps.intuit.com/smsagent

Install on Clover App Market: https://www.clover.com/appmarket/apps/VXAPP798TJ388

Standout this Black Friday using Conversational SMS Marketing

Black Friday is the day following to Thanksgiving and it has been the busiest shopping day since years in the United States. And Cyber Monday is celebrated on monday next to Thanksgiving. It is created in recent years to cater to the emerging online shopping experience.

It is the time of the year where everything is on sale and shoppers rush out to stores to clear their wishlists.

Marketing is a huge clutter during this time and people see offers and promotions all around and the email inbox is filled with promotional emails. Marketers struggle all their ways to ensure that people are aware of the offers and discounts offered by them.

Here is how you can make shoppers notice and take action using conversational SMS from Voicy.AI

SMS Marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating with an open rate of more than 96%. People are always with their mobile devices and most of them tend to notice their message notifications within a few minutes.

Voicy.AI has perfected the SMS Marketing solution by making the SMS conversational and providing the option to customize the SMS Chatbot.

Now customers can not only know about the promotion but also place an order directly with a simple reply by taking advantage of the unique order generation feature. Not just that, Customer service is being taken care off by providing information to the customers like timings of the store, location and all other general questions answered instantly.

You can alert all your customers during this Black Friday and keep them loyal by providing them with exclusive coupons, shopping links and much more.

Start using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement by Voicy.AI for your Black Friday promotions and standout in the clutter of deals and promotions.

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Method to generate Natural Language

Generating Natural Language from few seed sentences without human for an intent has been a challenging problem in Chatbot industry. Here is my proposal:

a) Apply a sequence to sequence model with attention on filtered SemEval dataset.

b) Loop through each seed sentence and generate a semantically equivalent sequence to sequence model from step a.

c) Take generated sentences from step b and add it as a seed sentence and recursively apply step b till you get sentences which are not semantically similar as evaluated by say a Siamese Network.

What are your thoughts? Can you please let me know the results, if anyone gets a chance to implement it?

Improve your sales this Halloween with these simple marketing tips

One of my customers visited the salon soon after Halloween last year and said “Hey, thanks for getting that perfect spooky look on my face last night. My colleagues were all surprised at the Halloween party we had and were enquiring about your saloon. One of them got so fantasized with the nail art you made. Well done!!”.

She asked if I have any monthly packages so that it will be pocket-friendly for her to visit my saloon. Well, I had no packages or promotions in my mind by that time, but gave 30% off on the total price of all the services she was looking for. She was so happy and said “I guess it’s just that your saloon isn’t at the right location, but you have some incredible talent. Why don’t you try promoting your salon and services seriously? Actually, I can help you out with this.”

She sat down with me and jotted these five ideas that will work well in promoting my salon. I started implementing these salon marketing ideas for every festival season and they earned me some whooping profits. I am going to use these extensively even for this Halloween and thought of sharing with others who want to promote their small-time salons.

1.Halloween face painting or nail art: One way to showcase your clients what your skills are is to offer free face paint or nail art service to all kids who go for Trick-or-treating in your town. Promote that parents can come in for any service at your salon and you will face painting for their kids for trick-or-treating. Run this throughout the month and give out the coupons for face painting or nail art that can be redeemed a day before or on the day of Halloween.

2.Organize a social media contest: You can organize a social media contest (for eg: #hashtag contest), with some interesting theme. Host this event for a day or two at your salon and you will get a good list of the customer base to promote your services. Don’t forget to decorate your salon in Halloween or any other theme and concentrate on your perfect look that matches the theme you chose. Plan this at least 15 days before Halloween.

3.SMS Marketing: Now that you have developed a base for your promotions, add some Halloween texture to your messages and spread them across that base. Marketing SMS is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to spread the fire of your offer. I chose Voicy.AI as marketing SMS solution to spread the word and manage the responses and bookings. They made my life easy all throughout the season by their SMS marketing service. Unlike other SMS providers, Voicy.AI offers Two – Way SMS Marketing and their Quick Replies feature lets you automate your customer service needs and make unlimited customization to their SMS chatbot.

4.Group Vouchers exclusive for Halloween: You can distribute vouchers at cafeterias or small businesses, which offer a handful of services with attractive discounts to a group of 4 or 5 people.

5.Gift them when they visit you: Who on the earth doesn’t like to be treated well or gifted? Keep some gifts to give your customers when they visit your place. Make them customized with your Salon details in some corner (careful about this, you give them to use them) or buy some yummy treats. Keep some surprise vouchers, which makes them visit your place again.

In the age of electronics and internet, make wiser choices to reach out to your target audience. I made a wise choice by reaching out to the right people via Voicy. The best part is, it could handle the responses and queries for bookings amazingly well and generate orders with its intellectual system. That’s how I increased my salon’s visibility through technology, more than by its geography.

How Facebook can trump Google in advertising

A major percent of internet advertising revenues are shared by Facebook and Google. Facebook makes it advertising money using re-targeting, and latent targeting on user profiles. Google uses an auction model built on search queries to fill its coffers. Search query is one of the top most actionable intents from the user on internet. Google has built an amazing business around it.

Facebook has got more or less monopoly around social communication. Social tweets and messages don’t have a merchandising intent, similar to search queries. Facebook has trickily used the re-targeting mechanism (Disclaimer: I patented the idea, before anyone has implemented it) to make the ads more actionable.

We will eventually be at a stage, where Facebook and Google will be fighting for the same ad dollars. Who has got a strategic advantage to win the war? In my view it will be Facebook.

Elaborating more, Facebook controls the user’s interests and influences across its social properties. Facebook can use the personal data from the users to predict search queries and information that the user will “Google” in the near future and make it as part of the user stream. You might ask, is it possible?

How can Facebook predict search queries before they happen? Facebook has got a search engine on its page and has got a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing. They have access to both what the user is doing at any given point of time, what their influences are and what their search queries will be through its popular properties and partners. They also have significant information on a user through their re-targeting program, about their activities outside of the social walls.

Using above data, one can use variations of Sequence to Sequence algorithms to give search queries. The input sequence can be the aggregated behavior. We can use social profile embeddings, image embeddings in the social stream, previous search queries, the location information as inputs for the Sequence to Sequence algorithm. We can us a Variational encoder for representing the input data. The output sequence can be a list of search queries that the user will type on Google. One can also pose the query prediction as a recommendation problem. We can train a wide and deep neural net on the user’s data and search queries to predict search queries. We can also borrow techniques from Zero Query search engine techniques to do the predictions and generate information in Social Streams, so that users don’t have to go to Google to get information.

It would be a great win for users and Facebook, if they can stop the interruption on social browsing by 50%. Facebook can make money by asking the advertisers to bid on predicted search queries. It might be an easy sell, to the advertisers, with their relationships and engagement numbers.

If I were Google, I would be really scared of this possibility and eventuality (Most probably in the next two years). I would break the Facebook’s monopoly on communication as early as possible.

Disclaimer: My friends at Facebook and other social networks, if you decide to implement this idea, I would appreciate, if you can pay me royalty for the patent I filed with title “Advanced techniques to improve content presentation experiences for Businesses and Users”. Please don’t ignore legal notices from a poor innovator :).

Visit us at www.voicy.ai for more information.

Google Duplex technology solution for your business

Were you amused by demo of Google Assistant calling a business? The demo fused the elements from Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation and Text to Speech and was nicely presented by Google’s team.

We at Voicy.AI has been perfecting Google Duplex like technology for businesses from 2015 building upon our customer engagement patents from 2010. Specifically, our patent with title “Systems and methods for virtual agents to help customers and businesses” talks about several ideas that were shown in Google’s demo. We also talk about several next generation customer engagement solutions and conversational commerce ideas in the patent. It is a great sense of personal satisfaction and pride to know that our team has recognized the opportunity before the industry leaders and great teams at Google, Facebook and Amazon.

In addition to patents, we also pioneered one click virtual assistants for businesses on Telephone using our technology. We converted a complex implementation consisting of Telephony platform, Speech to Text, Dialog Engine technology and custom implementation typically costing millions of dollars from bigger companies to a simple one click SAS solution.

You can subscribe to our AI Telephone assistant solution and reduce your customer services costs from thousands to hundreds of dollars and provide 24/7 service to your customers. You not only get our technology, but also get coverage from our patents. Please reach out to info@voicy.ai, to see how we can help your business.

Voice Activated Assistants For Customer Engagement

You have a flight to catch at the LAX in another one hour. You are on your way to the airport and you are running late as usual. You don’t know which parking lot you need to enter to be closest to your terminal. You take your mobile phone and ask a question “ which parking lot is closer to terminal 3 ? ” and a voice responded saying “ parking lot 4 is the closest to terminal 3 and it is 65% full at the moment”. You also get a pop up in your mobile which says “Directions to parking lot 3 at the LAX”. That voice you heard was not a customer service agent from the airport but your very own personal assistant for the airport. To be more specific it is an in app voice assistant of the airport provided to help its travelers.

An in app voice assistant is a software that can perform tasks or services for an individual. Voice assistant apps can simulate a discussion with the user to deliver voice or text-based engagement on any web application / mobile interface. These voice activated assistants are sometimes called chat-bots because their goal is to quicken the actions you already take on your smartphone or other digital devices.

“ Voice activated assistant is a natural dialog platform that automates natural language conversations and, in turn, cut down on the cost of customer engagement and represents a more efficient business solution ” explains Jagadish Nomula, CTO, Voicy.AI.

An in app voice assistant for an airport can make the travel process much easier by helping the travelers with tasks like getting information on the flight, getting directions to a terminal, helping you to connect to the internet, information on boarding and departure timings, luggage limits, finding a restaurant in the airport, even placing an order from the restaurant and much more. They can give you information on pretty much every question that you have while passing through the airport.

Some travel and flight voice assistant, can also inform you about the available flights, the offers and promotions given by the different airlines, details about the hotels that are available in that particular place, and even the climate of your intended destination. All that information is configured to enhance the customers experience through the app and they are becoming more and more efficient in providing you with the right response by observing the way  you interact with your gadget.

Ever since their genesis, in-app voice assistant have been used to resolve the queries of its user, but if configured differently they can also be used to promote offers and market for businesses. An example for this is the banking in-app voice assistant. This kind of a voice assistant can help you with a variety of customer service tasks like letting you access your account, notifying your account balance & routing numbers, letting you make payments, transferring funds, finding the nearest ATM, etc while also providing you information about the upcoming events & promotions offered by the bank.

Experts say that the trend of voice assistants is going to be undeniable in the near future.  It is predicted that by the end of 2018 almost all the mobile app providers are going to provide a voice option along with other SMS, email and push notifications.

Technology is growing and the market today is offering different in-app voice assistants. Some provide you information while some offer you a solution. Either ways they make accomplishing our day to day tasks simpler. Carry out a research and find out a voice assistant that best suits your needs and preferences or ping us at info@voicy.AI  and we will be more than glad to assist you with a free review of the scope of work.

Visit us at http://voicy.ai/ for more information.  


AI for Aviation Industry

“These days no one can make money on the goddamn airline business. The economics represent sheer hell.” – C. R. Smith, American Airlines
The ex-CEO’s quote from the 1970’s is still applicable to the airline industry of today. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) the global Airline industry has doubled its revenues from US$369 billion in 2004 to a projected $746 billion in 2014 but making stable and consistent profits still remains elusive. Increase in competitiveness, customer expectations, fuel expenses, low cost carriers, labour unrest are some of the major issues challenging the airline industry . For example fuel accounts for almost 20% of a carrier’s cost structure and the fuel prices are expected to increase to $64.9/barrel ( which is a 25% increase compared to the current cost/barrel) over the next year, which is significantly going to affect the profits made by the airline industry. Correspondingly, with the constant fluctuations in the traditional passenger traffic, airlines will be scrambling to fill the unused capacity – a variable that drastically increases the operating costs per trip. It is no wonder that when thrown in an omni-present hyper-competitive environment that constantly drives price wars, the executives always look for ways to reduce costs and drive additional revenues. This is exactly what is happening with the Airline industry.

“Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.” – Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks

Out of all the ways that can help improve revenue, Customer service could be the one touch-point of airline operations to improve their revenues. There is enough proof that customers are willing to pay the extra penny for a good service. Be it targeted marketing, new reservations or post-reservation services; customer experience is the next battleground for the airlines looking to differentiate themselves.

A detailed primary research (lots of reading and talking to other airline travelers), it was established that 73% of airline travelers agree that the customer service experience with most of the airlines is dissatisfactory and time-consuming. Increase in the no.of air travelers, insufficient customer service personnel, language barriers have also been contributing significantly to this attitude in the customers of the airline industry. This shows that, despite their continued efforts of making labor-intensive customer service investments, the airlines are unable to produce the results needed to improve their ROI.

Voicy from Voicemonk brings you an AI-enabled virtual agent that can be your customer engagement personnel letting you to completely automate the process of customer service to all your customers. Being a natural dialogue platform, Voicy enables your customers to converse with it, while retaining the context of earlier conversations ensuring customer satisfaction.

But how does this benefit airlines in terms of numbers?

The airline industry has an average passenger load factor of 80%. An AI-enabled chatbot solution with awareness of passenger context through multiple channels (Facebook, Slack, Telephone or SMS) can facilitate conversational commerce translating into just-in-time bookings. We anticipate this improves utilization upto 84% resulting in an additional $0.72 profits per passenger, representing a 16% increase from the current industry average.

Approximately 5% of airline revenue is spent on customer servicing costs. On an annual basis, that is approximately $30 per passenger. Trials with Voicy for Airline indicate that this service cost can potentially fall to $24 per passenger, resulting in $120M savings annually, a non-trivial amount in an industry with only 4.1% net profit margin.

A recent study by SH&E, a leading aviation consultancy estimated that as a percentage of revenues, the latter activities’ share ranges from >10% for a carriers such as British Airways to ~3% for LCC’s such as Ryan Air. This means it costs most carriers approximately $30 to acquire and book new customers as opposed to $10 for LCC’s. Voicy.AI with its contextual/historical awareness and tight integration with backend ecommerce, payment, CRM, marketing platform could enable most carriers to reduce this cost to approximately $26/passenger over 2 years.
Wish to see a demo of our agent live in action?

Check this out: https://rebrand.ly/vmairline