How Two Way SMS can impact your Customer Service

Customer service is a very important factor for consumers and is to proven to impact decision making and purchasing habits. Customers no longer are willing to wait for longer responses and procedures to seek support or information.

Many brands and companies are adapting instant feedback across channels like text messages, Telephones, Facebook and other platforms. 

Voicy.AI has built a technology that can help businesses of all sizes and shapes to take advantage of its two way SMS Marketing, Virtual Telephone Agent, Facebook Messenger Bot, and other channels like Google Home, Alexa. You no longer need to make huge investments and changes in your entire system to automate your customer service with voicy solutions. 

“The setup is super simple and it only takes a few minutes”

Let’s take a look at how the two-way text messaging solution can customer service traits that customers expect:

Instant Reply:

Two-way text messages provide instant replies to customers which will provide resolution to support tickets and more information about your businesses. Many businesses like restaurants, spa, and retail stores take advantage of this by providing information about their products/services and 


Personalization plays an important role in customer success and to create a brand identity and brand recall. SMS messages are sent with high personalization and an agent always working on the other side to provide responses.

24/7 Customer Service:

The virtual agent works all day and needs no break, it can answer, respond and provide information to customers at any hour of the day, even during non-business hours.

Order Generation:

It is proven that most of the consumers love shopping from their smartphones and almost all smartphone users have made at least one transaction using their devices. Text messages are one of the best ways to cater to customers with the list of products/services and generate orders, share links to your websites.

“Using two-way text messaging you can achieve faster responses, quick resolution, and personalised service”

Companies of all sizes, shapes, and types can take advantage of the Two Way text messages, write to us now at to know how it can help your business and get a 7-day free trial.

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Promote President’s Day Offers, Deals using Two Way SMS Marketing

What is President’s Day?

President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. It was originally established in the year 1885 in recognition of President  George Washington, the holiday becomes popularly known as President’s Day ever since and people celebrate the 3 days long weekend.

Why should you consider President’s Day for Promotions?

The President’s Day can be a great deal for small and medium businesses to increase sales, clear out their inventory and increase the customer footfall. As it is a holiday for many schools and businesses, a lot of people are on the streets for shopping and entertainment.

Not just small businesses, but eCommerce websites like amazon and retail giants Walmart, Best Buy celebrate the president’s day and they offer deals, discounts, promotions.

Two Way SMS for promotions:

Using Two Way SMS Marketing you can promote your offers & promotions and also provide more information about your business, products, and offerings with the use of two way SMS. It is proven to generate great results.

Voicy.AI has mastered the two way SMS Marketing solution using its pre-built and customizable SMS conversational flows. Customers will not just receive SMS but also respond back with their queries, questions or to know more about the offers, promotions, business or product they are interested in.

Generate higher interaction and drive-in better results using Two Way SMS.

Create a keyword using Voicy.AI Two way SMS Solution and relate it with your President’s day Offer, Promotion. When the customer responds back with the keyword, he will automatically receive a reply instantly.

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How Conversational SMS Surveys can help and improve survey data quality

Collecting feedback and reaching out to a large audience has always been expensive for businesses, but with conversational survey text messages brands and businesses can reach out to their customers, consumers faster and receive quicker feedback at a low cost.

Reasons why conversational survey SMS works:

  • It is perfect for taking feedback from customers, who are always on the go.
  • Instant feedback can be retrieved using conversational SMS, unlike any other platform.
  • The response rate for SMS is 9X greater than any other medium.
  • According to studies, it is proven that people are more likely to provide accurate feedback on text messages 

Voicy.AI solutions provide exciting features and benefits that you can expect from a text message or SMS Survey.

Benefits of SMS Surveys:

Automatic Responses:

Use automatic responses and send a thank you note to all the customers who have responded or provided feedback for your surveys.

 Fast Feedback:

Most of the text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes of the delivery, it makes it easier for businesses to get instant and faster feedback.

Reach more people:

Text messages are a cost-effective solution and you can reach a larger audience at a very low-cost comparatively. 

Conversational SMS surveys are proven to be the most reliable, effective and efficient for getting feedback from customers and improving brand loyalty and boost sales.

To integrate Conversational SMS into your business, write to us now at 

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Valentine’s Day promotion guide using conversational SMS

You need to get creative with your promotions on Valentine’s day, especially with all the offers and promotions that consumers go through before Valentine’s day. SMS text messages are the right tool to get through the clutter and reach directly to your new and existing customers.

Here are a few promotion ideas and tips for valentine’s day:

Express appreciation: One of the simplest ways to gain loyalty from your customers is to appreciate them and tell them why you love them. Offer a free drink or small gift over valentine’s weekend along with your message.

Curate a Special Menu/Service/offering for Valentine’s Day:

Create a special menu if you are a restaurant/bakery etc or a section of your store that is dedicated to gifting the loved ones and spread messages with the details or link of your offerings.

You can also take advantage of two-way text marketing solution and create keywords that are dedicated for the valentines weekend and provide more information to your customers.

Provide Coupon codes for loyal and new customers:

Coupon codes for special days have proven to create a lot of impact on consumer buying behavior and helped in making the purchase decision. Create unique coupon codes associated with valentine’s day and promote them with the help of SMS text messages.

Your promotions not only show how much appreciate their business, but also it is a great way to promote and generate more revenues, walk-ins and increase loyalty for Valentine’s Day using a two-way conversational SMS marketing solution. 

Start using two-way text message marketing now from with a free 15 days free trial. Contact us now at

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