Virtual Agents: Solution for your Customer Service during this Pandemic situation

The outbreak of the COVID- 19 virus across the globe, many companies have taken a dent in their everyday business activities and are struggling to maintain quality and provide customer service, as employees are being offered work from home for health safety concerns. 

Many businesses maintain expensive call/support centers with 100’s of employees and infrastructure to maintain the quality of service and ensure customer satisfaction. Lack of Control over support calls and difficulty in monitoring teams and employees is the majorly affected due to Corona Virus and employees working from home. 

Virtual Agents driven by AI can solve this issue by providing customer support service to consumers without the need for huge infrastructure or many employees. This will help businesses focus on other functions and not worry about customer service.

Voicy.AI has developed a Virtual Telephone agent leveraging technologies like NLP, Machine Learning and AI. Its ability to understand complex questions and ensure that your customers are given the right feedback every time support assistance is required. It can handle complex scenarios, personalizes responses based on customers’ questions and escalating to a live agent if needed. 

The solution is built to replace expensively run call centers and provide seamless support to your customers without the need for any infrastructure or hardware. Many businesses are taking advantage of our virtual telephone agent during this pandemic time of the COVID-19 virus.

If you are interested in trying out our industry-first Telephone Agent, reach out to us at to get a one-month free trial of your service. 

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