How are you selling your treats this halloween ?

Halloween has its roots from the Celtic culture in Ireland. Originally Halloween’s night was considered an evil night when devils and spirits roamed the streets of villages. Superstition or not Halloween is now celebrated with costumes, candies, parties and dancing.

But, are you trick or treating this year ??

Will there be costumes and parties this year ?? We will know the answers to that in time.

Encouraging kids to go around knocking on people’s doors and accept non-descript treats is probably a no-go this year. Covid has created a new normal which means planning for a safe and contact less Halloween this year is very important. 

Out of all the things that have changed the most important changes are the ones affecting the retail industry. Seasonal marketing play a very big role for any industry and the usual ‘It’s a the most wonderful time of the year to spend time with your family’ is not going to work this time since most of them would have either lost family or would have gotten sick of hanging out too much with them during the lockdown or they will not be able to meet family because of the lockdown.  

So what is it that you could do to seasonally promote your product/service/brand ?? 

The first thing that you must not do is not to use your company’s work if you are not doing any pandemic related services. Instead, focus on things like affordability of the product, its accessibility, contact less delivery and all other things that show you follow the protocol to prevent the spread of Covid while delivering your product.

It is sad that people can’t meet each other but the ability to talk to them over phone and video calls is still a boon. Use something like this for your marketing. Use lines that say ‘ Let us give your best wishes to your loved ones this Christmas on your behalf through our contact less delivery ‘  and a lot more like this. 

If you are promoting products that can be enjoyed solo,  then use messages that emphasize usage of your products alone. Try promoting and making the idea of temporary isolation look good. 

Whatever the angle you choose to promote, make sure that it looks real and personal. Make sure you use the right platform to market it. 

Online marketing and chatbots are a proven trend for promoting your products now. Two way SMS marketing is yet another way where you let your customers talk to your business just like you talk to a friend and let them buy your products. Two way SMS marketing will not only help you with campaigning but also with your customer engagement process.

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