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No Matter how good your restaurant does in business, there is always a desire to improve sales. Many times restaurants try to come up with innovative ideas to capture their market and retain their customers. Amongst others the most common ones are rewards and upselling strategies. The rewards or referral programs are more direct. Convincing your customers to buy more or even convincing them to buy when they didn’t plan doing so needs some skill.

Having well trained table staff is one key requirement for this because they are the ones in direct contact with your customers at their tables and they must be able to build a good rapport with your customers in order to convince them to try out a new dish, a restaurant special or an add on at a discounted price. But all this can only happen when there are customers at your table. The recent shift in things has reduced this scenario of people wanting to visit a restaurant. Improving sales while people stay at home and order take outs is rather challenging than persuading them face to face.

This is where modern technologies of marketing step in. Cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Ect. have been taking over the market of digital marketing, proving that a shift in the older methods are inevitable. Although these names sound complicated they can come up with super simple solutions for your marketing needs. Chatbots are one such example.

Research shows that 80% of all the companies across the world are planning on implementing chatbots into their business in 2021. They are expected to reduce customer engagement costs by 30% and business costs by 8 billion by 2022. Chatbots are influencing the market so much that User Experience (UX) is now being called Chatbot User Experience (CUX).
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Although chatbots can perform a variety of tasks ranging from running campaigns, answering customer queries, personalizing communication, automating repetitive tasks and so many other complicated things, they can also be used to automate simple tasks like SMS marketing. This automation comes in handy especially for small and medium sized businesses (SMB).

Voicy.AI is a company that has been helping SMB’s with marketing and customer engagement with its two way SMS marketing app. The app is a conversational platform (Chatbot) that enables a dialogue between your business and your customers. The platform has been helping businesses with marketing and customer engagement. It lets you run a marketing campaign, lets your customers respond to it, generates orders directly when downloaded from your Point Of Sale system (POS) and more.

Amongst all the other features of the app one of the most interesting feature one is the ‘Sell Now’ feature. Let us talk in detail about what this feature does

Say you own a restaurant that wants to promote a special offer for the weekend. Since it is a rainy day you don’t have a lot of customers to dine in and so you decided to run a marketing campaign instead to generate some take out orders.

You open the Voicy Two Way SMS app and send your marketing message about your special offer to all your customers.Here, in the message you include a line that says ‘ Respond with YES if you want to place an order ’. Since our app already has access to your customer list you can simply run the campaign with one click. Your customers receive the message within minutes.

Being a Two Way SMS Platform, the app lets your customers chat with your business. Since the offer you are running tonight is an irresistible one, most of your customers decided to respond with a ‘YES’ to your message, thereby generating orders immediately in your POS. Some may even chat with the app to get more menu items and place an order for more, thereby helping you upsell.

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