Get the most out of this Valentine’s Day-2021 using Two Way SMS Marketing

Curate a Special Menu/Service/offering for Valentine’s Day:

Create a special menu if you are a restaurant/bakery etc or a section of your store that is dedicated to gifting loved ones and spread messages with the details or link of your offerings.

You can also take advantage of a two-way text marketing solution and create keywords that are dedicated for the Valentine weekend and provide more information to your customers.

Provide Coupon codes for loyal and new customers:

Coupon codes for special days have proven to create a lot of impact on consumer buying behavior and helped in making the purchase decision. Create unique coupon codes associated with valentine’s day and promote them with the help of SMS text messages.

Your promotions not only show how much appreciate their business but also it is a great way to promote and generate more revenues, walk-ins and increase loyalty for Valentine’s Day using a two-way conversational SMS marketing solution. 

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