Method to generate Natural Language

Generating Natural Language from few seed sentences without human for an intent has been a challenging problem in Chatbot industry. Here is my proposal:

a) Apply a sequence to sequence model with attention on filtered SemEval dataset.

b) Loop through each seed sentence and generate a semantically equivalent sequence to sequence model from step a.

c) Take generated sentences from step b and add it as a seed sentence and recursively apply step b till you get sentences which are not semantically similar as evaluated by say a Siamese Network.

What are your thoughts? Can you please let me know the results, if anyone gets a chance to implement it?

Improve your sales this Halloween with these simple marketing tips

One of my customers visited the salon soon after Halloween last year and said “Hey, thanks for getting that perfect spooky look on my face last night. My colleagues were all surprised at the Halloween party we had and were enquiring about your saloon. One of them got so fantasized with the nail art you made. Well done!!”.

She asked if I have any monthly packages so that it will be pocket-friendly for her to visit my saloon. Well, I had no packages or promotions in my mind by that time, but gave 30% off on the total price of all the services she was looking for. She was so happy and said “I guess it’s just that your saloon isn’t at the right location, but you have some incredible talent. Why don’t you try promoting your salon and services seriously? Actually, I can help you out with this.”

She sat down with me and jotted these five ideas that will work well in promoting my salon. I started implementing these salon marketing ideas for every festival season and they earned me some whooping profits. I am going to use these extensively even for this Halloween and thought of sharing with others who want to promote their small-time salons.

1.Halloween face painting or nail art: One way to showcase your clients what your skills are is to offer free face paint or nail art service to all kids who go for Trick-or-treating in your town. Promote that parents can come in for any service at your salon and you will face painting for their kids for trick-or-treating. Run this throughout the month and give out the coupons for face painting or nail art that can be redeemed a day before or on the day of Halloween.

2.Organize a social media contest: You can organize a social media contest (for eg: #hashtag contest), with some interesting theme. Host this event for a day or two at your salon and you will get a good list of the customer base to promote your services. Don’t forget to decorate your salon in Halloween or any other theme and concentrate on your perfect look that matches the theme you chose. Plan this at least 15 days before Halloween.

3.SMS Marketing: Now that you have developed a base for your promotions, add some Halloween texture to your messages and spread them across that base. Marketing SMS is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to spread the fire of your offer. I chose Voicy.AI as marketing SMS solution to spread the word and manage the responses and bookings. They made my life easy all throughout the season by their SMS marketing service. Unlike other SMS providers, Voicy.AI offers Two – Way SMS Marketing and their Quick Replies feature lets you automate your customer service needs and make unlimited customization to their SMS chatbot.

4.Group Vouchers exclusive for Halloween: You can distribute vouchers at cafeterias or small businesses, which offer a handful of services with attractive discounts to a group of 4 or 5 people.

5.Gift them when they visit you: Who on the earth doesn’t like to be treated well or gifted? Keep some gifts to give your customers when they visit your place. Make them customized with your Salon details in some corner (careful about this, you give them to use them) or buy some yummy treats. Keep some surprise vouchers, which makes them visit your place again.

In the age of electronics and internet, make wiser choices to reach out to your target audience. I made a wise choice by reaching out to the right people via Voicy. The best part is, it could handle the responses and queries for bookings amazingly well and generate orders with its intellectual system. That’s how I increased my salon’s visibility through technology, more than by its geography.

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