New Year Marketing for SMB’s

All though New Years mean the end of the holiday season, they also symbolize hope of a fresh start. The year 2020 will always be remembered in history as the year of Covid – 19. So many businesses were shut down. However, a right marketing strategy is all you might need to jumpstart all the things that were lost.

All the larger conglomerates have probably already started their marketing around the new year. In reality marketing is not about the money one can invest, it is about the ideas that can get the attention of your consumers for your product/service. 

Ex. Instead of uploading a 200 page catalogue on their own website IKEA transitioned a printable version of it in Pinterest. It also included a product questionnaire with the shoppable version of the catalogue which helped them with understanding the user’s interests and purchase patterns. .

This is just one example of how budget friendly marketing ideas can change the game for you.

If you are constrained on your marketing budget, there are a few simple steps that you can follow to extract effective results that can ensure you good ROI

For first and foremost thing that needs to be done for any marketing to be done is to come up with a marketing plan. Design a marketing plan that will clearly help you understand your target market, the best way to reach them and the best way to persuade them to buy your product. Make sure you develop a year long plan that gives you an idea on what must be done for the entire year.

Create your own website. Having a website has become one of the most important criterias for a business to be considered as legitimate in recent times. Although as an SMB you can’t hire a professional agency to this for you, there are a lot of user-friendly websites like WIX and WordPress that help you build a basic website on your own.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly and has been optimized for SEO. If the technicalities of this task freak you out, then getting some help from a local agency can help you resolve the issue with minimal expenditure.

Adapt newer marketing techniques. Technologies like Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence are the next generation of marketing. If you are worried about the expensiveness, then Voicy.AI can provide you readily available affordable chatbots that can help you with marketing and customer engagement. 

For more information on Modern Marketing Technologies click here.

 The next thing that comes in line is your social media presence. Improve your social media presence. Have a year long social advertising plan. If you don’t have one, then start making one. Get a social scheduling tool that will line up your marketing content in a pre-planned manner with quality matter. Some of the best social scheduling tools are Social Pilot, SEMrush, and others

Increase your followers on your social platforms. Keep your social channel platforms up to date. Having a presence on Linkedin will certainly improve the value of your business and dismiss any doubts of genuinity that the users might have.

You could get in touch with local media outlets like TV, Radio and others. The reporters and producers are in constant search for “Experts” in many fields. Offer yourself as an expert in the area. If you can get through then it can be free advertising for you.

Soliciting your online reviews has become an increasingly important practice in recent times. Work on a plan that will help you reuse these reviews that your customers leave you. This practice will eventually help you with better positioning with your search engines. 

Whether you chose to do all of these or just pick and choose the ones that work best for you, adopting a practice and working on a year round plan for your marketing will always yield the best of results.

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