Tips for your business in a Lockdown

With the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, The world is experiencing an uncertain time and future. Many businesses are affected due to the lockdown and many have resulted in closing down temporarily.

Studies suggest that the impact will continue to affect businesses for a long time and for things to get back to normal. 

Does it mean businesses have to struggle for longer periods of time? Yes. But these are few strategies your business can use to get over this.

Tips for businesses to survive and expand business during the Lockdown:

This article is mainly focused on businesses like retail, restaurant, spa, and all other businesses.

Keeping Your Costs Down:

It is important to control your expenses on your business and reduce any non-essential or unnecessary costs that can affect your profits. It might just be a few bucks that you are saving by doing this, but all these expenses matter a lot in the longterm and affecting your profits. Especially with a reduced number of shoppers out and a lot of people losing their jobs.

Ensure Safety & Sanitation:

Sanitation and safety have become extremely important and will be a part of our lifestyles with the impact of the corona business. If you are running a restaurant, spa, retail store, etc. It is extremely important that you develop trust in your customers by following measures like social distancing, avoiding contact with customers and thorough cleaning of the environment, etc.

Many big brands like McDonald’s, Dominos are following these measures like contactless delivery, etc to ensure customer trust. 

Communicate with customers:

A lot of small business owners make this mistake by avoiding communication with their customers when the business is closed. If your business is running well before the lockdown then the chances of your business running well after the lockdown is high. But it is extremely important to stay in touch with your customers and ensure them your presence and letting them know that you are ready to serve them again.

If your business is open, then it is much more important to communicate to let your customers know that you are still serving because consumers are not aware and are confused with what is open and what is closed. 

The best possible way to reach to your customers is via SMS, It is very effective and more than 98% of messages are read within the first 3 minutes. Many businesses have found that involving SMS into their promotion and marketing efforts have increased their sales and provided a great ROI. 

Voicy.AI is offering a 14-day free trial on Two Way SMS Marketing solution as a part of its COVID relief program.

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