Standout this Black Friday using Conversational SMS Marketing

Black Friday is the day following to Thanksgiving and it has been the busiest shopping day since years in the United States. And Cyber Monday is celebrated on monday next to Thanksgiving. It is created in recent years to cater to the emerging online shopping experience.

It is the time of the year where everything is on sale and shoppers rush out to stores to clear their wishlists.

Marketing is a huge clutter during this time and people see offers and promotions all around and the email inbox is filled with promotional emails. Marketers struggle all their ways to ensure that people are aware of the offers and discounts offered by them.

Here is how you can make shoppers notice and take action using conversational SMS from Voicy.AI

SMS Marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating with an open rate of more than 96%. People are always with their mobile devices and most of them tend to notice their message notifications within a few minutes.

Voicy.AI has perfected the SMS Marketing solution by making the SMS conversational and providing the option to customize the SMS Chatbot.

Now customers can not only know about the promotion but also place an order directly with a simple reply by taking advantage of the unique order generation feature. Not just that, Customer service is being taken care off by providing information to the customers like timings of the store, location and all other general questions answered instantly.

You can alert all your customers during this Black Friday and keep them loyal by providing them with exclusive coupons, shopping links and much more.

Start using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement by Voicy.AI for your Black Friday promotions and standout in the clutter of deals and promotions.

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