“ Delivering customer engagement in silos can significantly damage the customer experience,” said Gene Phifer, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. 

Customer engagement and marketing are one of the most important operations of any business and it has been predicted that poor performance in these two areas will be one of the top three reasons for failure of enterprises in the coming years.  

In general most of the enterprises are used to delivering its products and services in silos. Although this makes it easier for easily managing & running the enterprise, the risk of customers being dissatisfied because of poor customer engagement is very high. Poor customer engagement has a lot of ill effects on business ranging from minimizing their spending, turning to a competitor of yours to leaving negative feedback on social media which can significantly affect your brand and it’s revenues on the long run. 

Retaining customers and their loyalty is the ultimate goal that will help any business reach its revenue goals over both short and long term. And the best way to keep their loyalty is by providing them with a seamless customer engagement experience. While there are a million ways you can try to keep your customers with you, here are the top three ways you can use :




Nothing matches a good old fashioned one on one customer service that will make your customers feel special every time they call your company. Providing relevant and reliable contact information in a place where your customers can easily find it most important. The next thing you must do is to have a team that responds to your customer queries in the most sensible manner. 

At Voicy we provide automated Customer Engagement at a personal level that will respond to all your customer queries instantly, saving you time and assuring that you won’t lose any revenue in this space.

Another place where businesses, especially enterprises lose customers is the time they take to respond to their customer queries. Having a fixed time to close a customer query always helps. Usually closing a query within 30 days is considered best.




Letting your customers know of anything that is about to happen with your organisation is the best example for proactively communicating with your customers. Everybody wants to know what is coming next from your company. Be it a new feature update, a new product that is to be launched or a new product idea that you might want to work on, communicating that to your customers in advance always keeps their interest levels high. This also helps in anticipating your customer’s future needs and understanding their expectations in terms of products and services.

Ideally this move shows that your company cares about your customers and is investing time in giving them what they actually want. The most common practices for proactive communication are sending mails, opt in messages, etc. 

At Voicy we provide you a Two Way SMS platform that will not only help you keep your customers updated with your progress but also give them the chance to respond to your updates with their queries, thereby ensuring greater communication and stronger customer bonds.




If you are an enterprise, it means that you have worked really hard to build a successful brand. You know you have customers using them but do you know how many you have and how they are feeling using the products/services provided by your brand ??

It is also important that your customers also don’t feel that they are the only ones using your product/service. Building a community that will encourage them to share their experiences and read other stories will create a sense of oneness that will in turn strengthen loyalty for you. Listening to their feedback here will also be a good place for you to know what your customers want and this will help you in future product/service developments.


Having loyal customers means getting stable revenues and having a positive word of mouth that will eventually grow goodwill in the long run.

When you are an enterprise, there are a large no.of customers and giving them individual attention can be a very hard thing. Investing on the right kind of marketing and customer engagement programs means everything. However this is also the place where most of the company budget goes making it very expensive to afford solutions that can actually make a difference in this space.

This is where latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) step in providing easy and affordable solutions. At Voicy we use AI technology to provide seamless Marketing and Customer Engagement solutions that save a ton of time and money to all sizes of businesses – Small, Medium and Enterprise.

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