Voicy.AI proudly partners with Yext to empower local businesses.

Today voicy.ai is proud to announce the partnership with Yext that will further assist the network of business clients to succeed in their Advertising, Marketing, Customer Loyalty & Customer Service. Taking advantage of Voicy.AI, business owners can save a lot of time and money.

Our user-friendly application SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement will help businesses to run SMS Campaigns to advertise and educate their customers about offers, promotions, etc. Our app gives businesses a powerful new tool to help them reach their customers in a targeted way.

Features like Quick-Replies will automate and handle complex customer service queries which for the most part involve the burden of a heavy time/monetary investment. Clients can access the Menu items in your Yext account and directly place an order with just a click of SMS. The ease of use in the app provides in combination with great results for any budget, it is the perfect pairing for any businesses looking for more leads and loyalty. 

The SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement can easily outperform any service provider at the lowest possible cost. Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, It can efficiently improve advertising, client support needs. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

As a major player, we are positioned as a pioneer in the virtual agent space. We are also available with other partners, including Intuit QuickBooks, Clover POS, and other progressing partnerships to make this accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Install on Yext App Market: https://voicy.info/dialog/yext/authorize

with Google: https://www.voicy.ai/sms-marketing/

with Intuit: https://apps.intuit.com/smsagent

Install on Clover App Market: https://www.clover.com/appmarket/apps/VXAPP798TJ388