Promote President’s Day Offers, Deals using Two Way SMS Marketing

What is President’s Day?

President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. It was originally established in the year 1885 in recognition of President  George Washington, the holiday becomes popularly known as President’s Day ever since and people celebrate the 3 days long weekend.

Why should you consider President’s Day for Promotions?

The President’s Day can be a great deal for small and medium businesses to increase sales, clear out their inventory and increase the customer footfall. As it is a holiday for many schools and businesses, a lot of people are on the streets for shopping and entertainment.

Not just small businesses, but eCommerce websites like amazon and retail giants Walmart, Best Buy celebrate the president’s day and they offer deals, discounts, promotions.

Two Way SMS for promotions:

Using Two Way SMS Marketing you can promote your offers & promotions and also provide more information about your business, products, and offerings with the use of two way SMS. It is proven to generate great results.

Voicy.AI has mastered the two way SMS Marketing solution using its pre-built and customizable SMS conversational flows. Customers will not just receive SMS but also respond back with their queries, questions or to know more about the offers, promotions, business or product they are interested in.

Generate higher interaction and drive-in better results using Two Way SMS.

Create a keyword using Voicy.AI Two way SMS Solution and relate it with your President’s day Offer, Promotion. When the customer responds back with the keyword, he will automatically receive a reply instantly.

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