Will there be additional discounts this Black Friday ??

Will there be additional discounts this Black Friday ?? 

This is a question that is popping up in everybody’s mind. COVID 19 has changed everything for us and it has certainly changed the tradition of lining up in front of the big box stores creating the Black Friday Frenzy.

As far as prices are concerned, shoppers are going to experience the lowest ranges as usual. However, it looks like this year the sale is not going to be just for one day. Most of the big box stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s and others will remain closed on Thanksgiving day.

This year all these stores will be taking a lead from Home Depot. Instead of one day or a week, this year’s Thanksgiving is going to give its shoppers offers and deals for a month or more so people can shop at their convenience.

Although surveys say there are still some percentage of shoppers who want to shop in store for their favourite doorbusters, most of them have surveyed to feel safer shopping online or doing a curbside pickup in case they don’t get free shipping

Whatever may be the case, the main idea is to be successful this season and the key to it is a right marketing strategy. 

Although there are many ways to market your product SMS marketing remains one of the most effective until now. Survey says that  two way SMS marketing has about 98% of open rate and 45x ROI. A two way SMS will not only let you market your product but also lets your customers interact with your business and respond back to your marketing campaigns that can instantly convert your leads to revenue


At Voicy we offer you the best SMS marketing packages that will help you with both your marketing and customer engagement services. Here is what you can do:

Get new customers

Build loyalty with your existing customers

Make personalized conversations with your customers at scale

Instantly convert Leads to revenue

Be available to your customers even during off business hours and holidays

And much more.


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