Improve your Sales on this Labor Day Weekend using Two Way SMS Marketing

Labor Day in the United States is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. It has its origins from the labor union moment, specifically form the eight hour day moment, which has advocated eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, and eight hours of rest.

Believe it or not, Labor day is right around the corner. As summer comes to a close and people are getting used to the Pandemic and shoppers are coming out to fulfill their needs, or just want to take advantage of the offers and savings on their favorite products.

Businesses need to be more prepared for labor day than ever before due to the disrupted market after the COVID breakout across the globe. Offers and Promotions are a good way to attract consumers but without proper communication and customer service.

Using Conversational Text Messages, you will be more prepared to join the conversations with your consumers this Labor Day. Target audience right on their mobile devices using SMS Marketing.

Are you aware that text messages have an open rate of more than 98% and most of them read within 3 minutes.

Here are some tips and tricks when sending Text Messages during the Labor Day weekend.

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Plan your campaigns early:

Consumers need to educated early about your offers and especially with the ongoing pandemic they need to be prepared to encounter your offer or brand before their purchase decision.

Build Consumer Relation: 

When a consumer comes in contact with your brand, a call to action like instant order generation, video link, weblinks, etc can help your business in creating more engagement and showcasing your offers. 

Using the order generation feature from Voicy.AI, consumers can directly respond to their messages and generate an order. 

Take advantage of Geographic Elements:

If you are a local business and want to attract your neighborhood consumers using digital events, sidewalk sales, and community events. Text messages are the perfect way to notify them and increase your interaction.

Labor Day is the perfect weekend to get rid of your excess inventory and sell your summer inventory that you don’t want to store through the winter.

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