Our Services


We help our enterprise clients connect with every single customer of theirs at a personal level. We help them give their customers a better experience. Investing on good customer service is the one thing that can surely result in selling more products, building lasting customer relationships and customer loyalty.We offer in app voice assistant services to different verticals and for each vertical the services are customised according to their needs.An in-app voice assistant is a software that can perform tasks or services for an individual on a website of mobile interface. This will trigger a conversation with the user and takes both text and voice inputs.

In app banking assistant

Banking in-app voice assistant can inform you about your current balance, your withdrawals and also provide you information about the upcoming events, offers, and promotions offered by the bank.

Voice assistants for Airport

These voice assistants will inform you about things like your flight details, its arrival & departure timings, details on the terminals, restaurants, parking, luggage limits and even the climate of your intended destination.

Voice assistants for Pharmacy 

The voice assistants for pharmacy can give you the information on the availability of the medication, how & when it must be taken. It can be your personal pharmacist educating you on the medication you take. It can also help you with refilling your prescription, locating the drug in the pharmacy and more.

Voice Assistants for Malls 

These assistants can help you locate your favourite coffee shop in a mall, get information on the promotions being offered at the various stores. They can direct you to the nearest ATM and also find your favourite food place and place an order or book a table while you continue to shop.