support “SMS Marketing App” can help you send SMS marketing promotions and initiate an Automated natural dialog for your business. The following process will help you easily convert your SMS marketing promotion into customer orders.

Step-1: Make sure you have your Customer details in your Quickbooks account. To add new customer details go to Sales Page located on the sidebar.


Click on the “New customer” button located at the top right.

Fill in your customer details here and save the changes

Step:2  Now go back to your App’s page and Launch the ‘Voicy’s SMS marketing app’.

You will be asked to authorize and sign-in with the Quickbooks account.

You will see a merchant console page that looks like the picture below:

Step 3:The merchant console page has two boxes, one saying ‘send marketing message here’ and the other saying ‘template provided below’.Follow the template given to enter your new marketing message in the ‘send marketing message’ box.

Make sure you explicitly ask your customers to respond with ‘STOP’ in case they want to opt out of your future marketing campaigns. It is important that you add this phrase in every campaign you send.

You may also include say that your customers can respond to the marketing message with a “Order followed by the item name” to place an order. You will be intimated via email every time any of your customers place an order and you can carry on with the process of placing orders.

With Voicy you have the option to run your campaign in batches. You can choose the batch  based on the ending digit of their phone numbers. After you have entered the marketing message you can choose the batch. Sending messages batch wise will ensure smooth and faster delivery of your marketing message to your customers.

Now make sure you hit the ’confirm’ button followed by the ’send message’ button to start your campaign.

Voicy’s SMS marketing also helps you track the last 5 marketing campaigns that you have run under ‘Recent campaigns’. You can keep track of

i) The date you ran your campaign

ii) The user group you have sent it to

iii) The message you used for the campaign

Step -4 : You will get an email confirmation from after your campaign has been successfully run. The email confirmation will also give you information on the no.of customers that have received the marketing message in that campaign.