Virtual Assistant

Telephone Agent

Telephone Agent is a Virtual Receptionist for your business. With this software, you no longer need to be at your desk to answer calls on your business phone number.

It is a powerful tool for your business to improve the quality of handling customer queries and simplify the process of generating an Order. With the help of  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it can understand the natural human language and respond back to resolve complex customer queries.

Whether you are a Restaurant, Salon, Spa or any other business, It is designed to suit your business and customize according to your choice.

Order Generation:

Our Agent showcases your products & Services when a customer calls and asks them if they like to order something. Whenever an order is confirmed, you will receive an email with the details of the Order and Customer.(Manage and edit your Products & Services from the app anytime)

Question & Answers:

Save customized answer for frequently asked questions and our agent responds when asked with that particular question. You can also add a single answer to multiple questions.

Multi Call Handling:

If you have multiple calls coming in at the same time, Our Agent can handle them all at the same time.

24/7 Assistance:

A customer can call your business anytime and know about your business & products even during off-hours and holidays.


Monitor the incoming calls that our agent has answered along with the details of the incoming number.

Smart ON/OFF:

With a single click, you can redirect all your incoming calls to your business phone number.


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$ 99.99 Monthly
  • Monthly subscription for upto 200 minutes/month.


$ 45 Monthly
  • subscription for up to 2000 messages/ month.