Engage with your customers using Conversational Text Messaging

Conversational marketing is a famous concept used by many companies to narrow down or reduce their sales cycle and create a more interactive experience to their customers while buying.

Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing utilizes the chatbot technology to create a more natural and human experience to the customer. They can gather information any time, instantaneously without  delay in the response time.

Using Conversational SMS you are not just reaching out to people only asking them to make purchases but also answering their questions and providing more information about your business.

Customers are cluttered with various different companies and offerings for exactly the same product. The buying experience has changed and people want to make sure they have more information before they make a decision. Using conversational SMS customers have more information about the company and their products.

SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement application by Voicy.AI has mastered the conversational marketing space by providing marketers the freedom to not just to run SMS Campaigns but also create interactions between the business and customer. The unique application has pre-built flows which can generate orders and also customizable for the various needs of marketers.

Using conversational SMS is very simple, just ask the customers to reply with an associated keyword, number, etc. Once they reply the response is sent instantly.

Conversational text messaging can save time by automating your customer service and engage your customers with relevant and professional conversations all the time.

Start engaging with your customers now by using Voicy.AI’s SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement app.

with Google: https://www.voicy.ai/sms-marketing/

with Intuit: https://apps.intuit.com/smsagent

Install on Clover App Market: https://www.clover.com/appmarket/apps/VXAPP798TJ388


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