Google Duplex technology solution for your business

Were you amused by demo of Google Assistant calling a business? The demo fused the elements from Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation and Text to Speech and was nicely presented by Google’s team.

We at Voicy.AI has been perfecting Google Duplex like technology for businesses from 2015 building upon our customer engagement patents from 2010. Specifically, our patent with title “Systems and methods for virtual agents to help customers and businesses” talks about several ideas that were shown in Google’s demo. We also talk about several next generation customer engagement solutions and conversational commerce ideas in the patent. It is a great sense of personal satisfaction and pride to know that our team has recognized the opportunity before the industry leaders and great teams at Google, Facebook and Amazon.

In addition to patents, we also pioneered one click virtual assistants for businesses on Telephone using our technology. We converted a complex implementation consisting of Telephony platform, Speech to Text, Dialog Engine technology and custom implementation typically costing millions of dollars from bigger companies to a simple one click SAS solution.

You can subscribe to our AI Telephone assistant solution and reduce your customer services costs from thousands to hundreds of dollars and provide 24/7 service to your customers. You not only get our technology, but also get coverage from our patents. Please reach out to, to see how we can help your business.

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