Reach out for this Martin Luther King Jr. Day using Two-Way text messaging

The third Monday of January is being honored for years for the life of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. It is an official holiday and a long weekend. It is a good time to attract shoppers and many retailers offer winter discounts and clearance sale. Being a long weekend many consumers are out for shopping and fulfill their needs.

Promotions for Martin Luther King Jr. can increase footfall and give a reason for consumers to shop this long weekend. Here are various ways to reach out using interactive two-way text messages(SMS).

Text messages have become a major medium to interact with consumers and many brands have started including SMS Marketing as a primary way of communicating with customers. The two-way text message marketing can provide instant data to consumers and it is demonstrated to have better outcomes, in contrast to other mediums.


What can you do with two-way text messaging on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Create unique keywords like ‘King Day’ or ‘Martin Luther King’ and associate with the offers and promotions you offer.

Promote your marketing message with a unique discount code.

Let your customers place an order directly using conversational SMS

There are endless other possibilities to increase your sales and customer loyalty by leveraging the power of conversational two-way text messaging.

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