Conversational SMS for New Year

Its time of the year when everyone is looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve and it is the right time to reach out to your customers using conversational SMS. A simple text can let your customers know that you appreciate their association with your business.

You can use conversational SMS to wish your customers and communicate the events, promotions, and offers.

It is the time when most consumers tend to have new resolutions and they continue to work towards their goals. Most of the consumers are looking out for change and are willing to try out new products, memberships, etc. 

Do you know that getting fit and eating healthy is the number one resolution across the United States. If you are a fitness chain, gym, or health, and weight loss related business then it is the golden time to encouraging them to use your service by simply sending an SMS with your promotions, deals, coupons, etc.

If you are an event organizer or a Night club then drawing a big crowd can become easier using SMS text messages. Using conversational SMS you can sell tickets using SMS and provide more information about your event.

A lot of consumers gift themselves with online memberships to be it a service or software. The conversion rate is high during the new year.

This new year cut the clutter and use conversational text messages for your business.

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