Virtual Telphone Agent | The future of Customer Conversations

Virtual Telephone Agents are the future of the way businesses interacting with their customers to answer queries, solve customer problems and provide high-quality customer service. It reduces a lot of operating costs for businesses and ensures that the quality of service is provided without any need for monitoring or extensive training to employees. Instead, business owners and managers can spend a lot of their time working to improve their businesses. 

What is a Virtual Telephone Agent:

A Virtual Agent is a computer-generated voice assistant that can interact with customers using Natural Language dialog flow and it has the ability to answer customer questions and answer back with the right response. Voicy.AI has mastered this by adapting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Understanding. 

How does it work? 

Here is an example of a virtual agent interacting with a passenger traveling to the airport to catch a flight.You have a flight to catch at the LAX in another hour. You are on your way to the airport and you are running late as usual. You don’t know which parking lot you need to enter to be closest to your terminal. You take your mobile phone and ask the question “ which parking lot is closer to terminal 3 ? ” and a voice responded saying “ parking lot 4 is the closest to terminal 3 and it is 65% full at the moment”. You also get a pop up on your mobile which says “Directions to parking lot 3 at the LAX”. That voice you heard was not a customer service agent from the airport but your very own personal assistant for the airport. To be more specific it is an in-app voice assistant of the airport provided to help its travelers.

An in-app voice assistant is a software that can perform tasks or services for an individual. Voice assistant apps can simulate a discussion with the user to deliver voice or text-based engagement on any web application/mobile interface. These voice-activated assistants are sometimes called chat-bots because their goal is to quicken the actions you already take on your smartphone or other digital devices.

“ Voice-activated assistant is a natural dialog platform that automates natural language conversations and, in turn, cuts down on the cost of customer engagement and represents a more efficient business solution ” explains Jagadish Nomula, Founder & CTO, Voicy.AI.

It suits businesses that come with all types and sizes and can answer any number of calls simultaneously and the best part is, it does not need any type of hardware to install or changes in the current system. Many retail businesses like Spa, Salons, Restaurants and other small businesses are taking advantage of this system and improving their customer service and help in better engaging their customers.

Here is an example of a customer making conversation with a virtual telephone agent and placing an order for a restaurant.

In this scenario, the customer calls the restaurant and makes a conversation with a virtual telephone agent and places an order for delivery. As soon as the order is confirmed the customer receives a message confirming the order details along with the order id and items. The restaurant receives the order directly generated inside the POS system along with an email consisting of the details of the order.

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