5 Ways to improve your text marketing efforts

Holiday’s season has started and all marketers are increasing their efforts and investments in reaching out to their customers. Consumers are loaded with holiday-related email marketing campaigns and social media advertisements. 

How do you cut through the noise and get noticed by your audience? SMS Marketing is the answer to your holiday campaign strategy. There are various strategies for effective text message marketing listed below.

Special Offers:

SMS messages are a great way to notify your customers about special offers, free shipping, discounts, etc. using Voicy.AI actionable marketing SMS you can even generate sales and orders almost instantly.

Promo code:

Text messages are by far the best way to send any promo and discount codes to consumers. You can send promo codes to all your customers or to regular shoppers. 

Links to products:

Consumers do not have a lot of time to decide and make their purchase decisions. Reach out to your audience along with a link to your best sellers or newly launched products in the SMS and instantly generate orders.

Invites to the in-store event:

Have an in-store event come up? Reach out all your customers using a text message and include a link to your store address and see more walk-ins to your store and you might end up having a few loyal customers by doing such events.

Send Help & Support:

Not all messages have to be related to offers & promotions. Providing assistance required during customer shopping and post-sale can be hectic especially during the holiday season. Using Voicy.AI SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement solution you can automatically answer your customer queries using pre-built flows and customize using features like quick replies. This helps in gaining customer loyalty and build trust.

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