Marketing with SMS this holiday season

Holiday season is the time of the year when sales get bumped in US and large number of shoppers are out to fulfill their shopping needs. It is also the time marketers struggle and spend a lot of money to make sure their offers and promotions are reached out to their consumers.

Here is how you can reach out to your consumers using SMS Marketing, It is cheaper, reliable, and more effective than any other tool. SMS text messages is one of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating with an open rate of more than 96%.

“SMS is affordable, reliable and has more than 96% open rate”

Voice.AI has perfected the SMS Marketing solution by making it interactive & conversational by including features like Order generation & Quick Replies.

Gone are the days when consumers receive boring one way messages and they have no option to react immediately, Now they can directly place an order by a simple reply to the text message or know more information like list of products, services, menu, etc. 

Every business irrespective of size and type are harnessing the power of SMS to increase their sales, attract walk-in’s and boost loyalty.

Start including SMS in your marketing strategy right away using the links below: 

Sign in with intuit

Install on Clover :

Install on Yext :https:

with Google:

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