Tips to optimize your holiday text marketing strategies

The holiday season is here and research shows that consumers are ready to spend more to fulfill their needs during this period. As a retailer in the market, how would you cut through the bulk of promotions, offers, and clutter that consumers are going through?

SMS Marketing is the perfect way to reach out to your customers, once you have an opt-in list that you can send SMS messages. You can optimize our SMS campaign using the following tips.

Grow your SMS List:

Before you can use SMS Marketing, have a list of people who would like to receive messages. If you have a physical location foot traffic and walk-in are high during this period, you can offer your customers to  sign up for your list.

This time of the year you can grow your list faster than ever because of al the people that are constantly shopping.

Option to Reply:

All though many businesses are using SMS marketing to promote their offers, almost more than 95% of customers like to reply to the SMS and know more information and place the order instantly using SMS. mastered this by providing industry best SMS marketing solutions which can generate orders, give more information to customers using two way messaging unlike traditional one way SMS messages.

Time-limited Sales:

You can bump up your sales this holiday season by making your consumers take their shopping decision by creating flash sales and last-minute deals.

You can utilize SMS to notify your customers about these sales, as the delivery time in SMS is almost instant and fast.

Unlimited targeting rules:

SMS is not just limited to text messages, but with the advantage of short links, you can include images, videos, pdf, directions, and links to a web address. 

Stock alerts:

Notify your customers when your bestsellers go low on stock and create a sense of urgency or when new stock arrives in your store.

Interested to know more about how SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement can help your business during this holiday season.

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