Reach out for this Martin Luther King Jr. Day using Two-Way text messaging

The third Monday of January is being honored for years for the life of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. It is an official holiday and a long weekend. It is a good time to attract shoppers and many retailers offer winter discounts and clearance sale. Being a long weekend many consumers are out for shopping and fulfill their needs.

Promotions for Martin Luther King Jr. can increase footfall and give a reason for consumers to shop this long weekend. Here are various ways to reach out using interactive two-way text messages(SMS).

Text messages have become a major medium to interact with consumers and many brands have started including SMS Marketing as a primary way of communicating with customers. The two-way text message marketing can provide instant data to consumers and it is demonstrated to have better outcomes, in contrast to other mediums.


What can you do with two-way text messaging on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Create unique keywords like ‘King Day’ or ‘Martin Luther King’ and associate with the offers and promotions you offer.

Promote your marketing message with a unique discount code.

Let your customers place an order directly using conversational SMS

There are endless other possibilities to increase your sales and customer loyalty by leveraging the power of conversational two-way text messaging.

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Conversational SMS for New Year

Its time of the year when everyone is looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve and it is the right time to reach out to your customers using conversational SMS. A simple text can let your customers know that you appreciate their association with your business.

You can use conversational SMS to wish your customers and communicate the events, promotions, and offers.

It is the time when most consumers tend to have new resolutions and they continue to work towards their goals. Most of the consumers are looking out for change and are willing to try out new products, memberships, etc. 

Do you know that getting fit and eating healthy is the number one resolution across the United States. If you are a fitness chain, gym, or health, and weight loss related business then it is the golden time to encouraging them to use your service by simply sending an SMS with your promotions, deals, coupons, etc.

If you are an event organizer or a Night club then drawing a big crowd can become easier using SMS text messages. Using conversational SMS you can sell tickets using SMS and provide more information about your event.

A lot of consumers gift themselves with online memberships to be it a service or software. The conversion rate is high during the new year.

This new year cut the clutter and use conversational text messages for your business.

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Why SMS Marketing is the perfect tool for Event Promotions

Marketing & promoting your events, special occasions are much simple and easier using SMS marketing, it is the best way to communicate with your audiences. Text messages have a higher rate of delivery and open rate and it is much cheaper & affordable, unlike other event promotion tools. 

How you can use SMS marketing for Event promotion:


The most important aspect of any event is to announce the event prior and let the audience know about the event and start talking about it to increase the popularity. Text messages have proven to be very effective with more than 96% open rate. Prepare a list of the audience that you want to announce your event to and start sending out a brief and informative SMS message.

Selling tickets:

Be it early bird, pre-sale tickets or last-minute sales. Share a link to your event online booking site and let the audience buy tickets directly using their smartphone. Surveys state that more than 98% of the millennials buy their movie and event tickets using their smartphone.


Take advantage of conversational SMS marketing solution, create a unique keyword that is associated with the event and when someone responds with the keyword, they immediately receive information about the event.

You can also create a sequence of keywords when guests want to know information about venue, date, artist, or any other details using keywords.


SMS is the most effective way to communicate last-minute updates, timings, venue changes and any other information needed to the visitors.

Timely Notifications:

It is difficult for the audience to make a note or keep track of the dates & times of the event. Using SMS text messages you can send timely messages to keep the excitement and ensure that your audience is aware of the event.

Want to know more ways to engage your customers or help including SMS marketing into your marketing strategy ?

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5 Ways to improve your text marketing efforts

Holiday’s season has started and all marketers are increasing their efforts and investments in reaching out to their customers. Consumers are loaded with holiday-related email marketing campaigns and social media advertisements. 

How do you cut through the noise and get noticed by your audience? SMS Marketing is the answer to your holiday campaign strategy. There are various strategies for effective text message marketing listed below.

Special Offers:

SMS messages are a great way to notify your customers about special offers, free shipping, discounts, etc. using Voicy.AI actionable marketing SMS you can even generate sales and orders almost instantly.

Promo code:

Text messages are by far the best way to send any promo and discount codes to consumers. You can send promo codes to all your customers or to regular shoppers. 

Links to products:

Consumers do not have a lot of time to decide and make their purchase decisions. Reach out to your audience along with a link to your best sellers or newly launched products in the SMS and instantly generate orders.

Invites to the in-store event:

Have an in-store event come up? Reach out all your customers using a text message and include a link to your store address and see more walk-ins to your store and you might end up having a few loyal customers by doing such events.

Send Help & Support:

Not all messages have to be related to offers & promotions. Providing assistance required during customer shopping and post-sale can be hectic especially during the holiday season. Using Voicy.AI SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement solution you can automatically answer your customer queries using pre-built flows and customize using features like quick replies. This helps in gaining customer loyalty and build trust.

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Marketing with SMS this holiday season

Holiday season is the time of the year when sales get bumped in US and large number of shoppers are out to fulfill their shopping needs. It is also the time marketers struggle and spend a lot of money to make sure their offers and promotions are reached out to their consumers.

Here is how you can reach out to your consumers using SMS Marketing, It is cheaper, reliable, and more effective than any other tool. SMS text messages is one of the fastest and most effective ways of communicating with an open rate of more than 96%.

“SMS is affordable, reliable and has more than 96% open rate”

Voice.AI has perfected the SMS Marketing solution by making it interactive & conversational by including features like Order generation & Quick Replies.

Gone are the days when consumers receive boring one way messages and they have no option to react immediately, Now they can directly place an order by a simple reply to the text message or know more information like list of products, services, menu, etc. 

Every business irrespective of size and type are harnessing the power of SMS to increase their sales, attract walk-in’s and boost loyalty.

Start including SMS in your marketing strategy right away using the links below: 

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Tips to optimize your holiday text marketing strategies

The holiday season is here and research shows that consumers are ready to spend more to fulfill their needs during this period. As a retailer in the market, how would you cut through the bulk of promotions, offers, and clutter that consumers are going through?

SMS Marketing is the perfect way to reach out to your customers, once you have an opt-in list that you can send SMS messages. You can optimize our SMS campaign using the following tips.

Grow your SMS List:

Before you can use SMS Marketing, have a list of people who would like to receive messages. If you have a physical location foot traffic and walk-in are high during this period, you can offer your customers to  sign up for your list.

This time of the year you can grow your list faster than ever because of al the people that are constantly shopping.

Option to Reply:

All though many businesses are using SMS marketing to promote their offers, almost more than 95% of customers like to reply to the SMS and know more information and place the order instantly using SMS. mastered this by providing industry best SMS marketing solutions which can generate orders, give more information to customers using two way messaging unlike traditional one way SMS messages.

Time-limited Sales:

You can bump up your sales this holiday season by making your consumers take their shopping decision by creating flash sales and last-minute deals.

You can utilize SMS to notify your customers about these sales, as the delivery time in SMS is almost instant and fast.

Unlimited targeting rules:

SMS is not just limited to text messages, but with the advantage of short links, you can include images, videos, pdf, directions, and links to a web address. 

Stock alerts:

Notify your customers when your bestsellers go low on stock and create a sense of urgency or when new stock arrives in your store.

Interested to know more about how SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement can help your business during this holiday season.

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How can you build a constantly learning Virtual Assistant using Graph and Search techniques

Can you use the human in the loop to constantly improve the capabilities of the virtual agent?

Let us say you are developing a virtual assistant to handle customer service calls on Telphone for Hotel Chain. Your virtual assistant had to back out and take the help of a human to resolve the customer issue.

The virtual assistant can listen to the recording of the conversation between the customer service representative and the customer, converts the conversation to text using speech to text recognition techniques and analyzes the conversation for future use. 

The stored conversations/dialog are used to improve the intelligence of the software system on a continuous basis by storing the conversations in a graph data structure on an inverted index for efficient future retrieval. 

A dialog can be defined as the smallest element of the customer and business interaction. The system can build a bipartite graph with a hierarchy of dialogues. A dialog itself can be represented by two nodes and an edge between them. The dialogs are connected and branched off as new combinations rise for the business interactions across different communication platforms. The graph can be built on an inverted index data structure to support efficient text search. 

Elaborating further, to start with the opening sentence from customer service representative such as “Hello {Customer Name}! This is {Company}. How can I help you” will be represented as the root node of the graph. We note that the data in the node will have placeholders for the customer name, the business name. The placeholders in the conversation for building the graph are identified by looking for fuzzy string matches from the input dictionary consisting of inputs such as the business name, the customer name, the items served by the business, etc. The node is annotated with information about who the speaker (customer or customer service representative) was. The node will also have features such as semantic mappings of the sentence, vector computed using sentence2vec algorithm by training a convolutional neural network on the domain that the software agent is trained for. 

A different semantic response from the customer is created as a child node for the question from the customer representative. The semantic equivalence to the existing nodes on the graph can be done using learn to rank algorithms such as Lambda Mart borrowed from the search techniques after doing a first pass inexpensive ranking on the inverted index of the graph of conversation. In an implementation, the result with the highest score with Learning to Rank algorithm exceeding a certain threshold is used as a representative for the customer input. The semantic equivalence comparison and scoring is done after tokenizing, stemming, normalizing and parametrizing (recognizing placeholders) input query. Slot filling algorithms are used to parametrize the customer responses. The slot filling algorithms can use HMM/CRF models to identify part of speech tags associated with the keywords and statistical methods to identify the relationships between the words. If there is a match to an existing dialog from the customer, then the software system will store the dialog context and not create a new node. In there is not a match, than a new node is added to the node of the last conversation. 

Some tasks are simple question and answers such as “User: What is your speciality? Customer Service Representative: Our specialty is Spicy Chicken Pad Kee Mow ”. These tasks can be indexed on the graph as orphan parent-child relationships in the graph. 

One of the challenges we run into when we are building the graph to constantly learn is the change in context. If there is no change in the context, we create the node as a child of the previous node. If there is a change in the context, we need to start a new node different from the previous state in the graph. To figure out a change in the context when the customer talks to the customer service representative, we can use a Bayesian or SVM Machine Learning classifier. The classifier can be trained on crowdsourced training data using features such as the number of tokens common to current and the previous task, the matching score percentage between what the customer has said and the maximum score match of an existing dialog. To improve the accuracy of the classifier, we can train a different classifier for each domain. 

It is to be noted that the graph can be constructed manually by an interaction designer, which can then be inserted in an inverted index. In yet another implementation, a Recurrent Neural Network can be trained on the interaction between the customer and the customer service representative, if we have a lot of training data. To implement personalization to models in a recurrent neural network, user profiles can be clustered into several macro groups. We can use an unsupervised clustering algorithm such as K-Means clustering to accomplish this or create manually curated clusters based on information about the user such as age group, location, and gender of the customer. We can then boost the weight of the examples which had a positive conversion from the customer service representatives. In an implementation, this can be done by duplicating the positive inputs in the training data. The positive inputs can be characterized by things such as the order price and satisfaction from the customer. It is to be noted that the idea of personalization in neural networks is not specific to conversational customer interactions and can be used in things such as building model which send an automatic response to emails. 

The graph on the inverted index is then used to answer questions about the business by a software agent. The software agent starts from the root node of the graph and greets the customer on a call, SMS and Facebook Messenger. The customer can respond to the greeting with a question about the business by searching for the closest match to the question from the customer using techniques borrowed from information retrieval. In an implementation, this can be done using an inverted index to look up possible matches for the user input using an in-expensive algorithm to start with and then evaluating the matches with an expensive algorithm such as Gradient Boosted Decision Tree. Before hitting the inverted index, we have to run stemming, tokenization and normalization algorithm on the input query to make sure that the input can be searched properly by the algorithms looking for a match.

This was an idea I wrote in 2016, in a patent application for Vocy.AI (If you ever plan to use this technique for your company, please consider paying royalty to a poor innovator). Components such as Sentence2Vec can be replaced now with BERT and RNN can be augmented further with attention techniques.This approach gives control as well as the evolution of the virtual agent to enterprises.

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Voicy.AI proudly partners with Yext to empower local businesses.

Today is proud to announce the partnership with Yext that will further assist the network of business clients to succeed in their Advertising, Marketing, Customer Loyalty & Customer Service. Taking advantage of Voicy.AI, business owners can save a lot of time and money.

Our user-friendly application SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement will help businesses to run SMS Campaigns to advertise and educate their customers about offers, promotions, etc. Our app gives businesses a powerful new tool to help them reach their customers in a targeted way.

Features like Quick-Replies will automate and handle complex customer service queries which for the most part involve the burden of a heavy time/monetary investment. Clients can access the Menu items in your Yext account and directly place an order with just a click of SMS. The ease of use in the app provides in combination with great results for any budget, it is the perfect pairing for any businesses looking for more leads and loyalty. 

The SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement can easily outperform any service provider at the lowest possible cost. Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, It can efficiently improve advertising, client support needs. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

As a major player, we are positioned as a pioneer in the virtual agent space. We are also available with other partners, including Intuit QuickBooks, Clover POS, and other progressing partnerships to make this accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Engage with your customers using Conversational Text Messaging

Conversational marketing is a famous concept used by many companies to narrow down or reduce their sales cycle and create a more interactive experience to their customers while buying.

Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing utilizes the chatbot technology to create a more natural and human experience to the customer. They can gather information any time, instantaneously without  delay in the response time.

Using Conversational SMS you are not just reaching out to people only asking them to make purchases but also answering their questions and providing more information about your business.

Customers are cluttered with various different companies and offerings for exactly the same product. The buying experience has changed and people want to make sure they have more information before they make a decision. Using conversational SMS customers have more information about the company and their products.

SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement application by Voicy.AI has mastered the conversational marketing space by providing marketers the freedom to not just to run SMS Campaigns but also create interactions between the business and customer. The unique application has pre-built flows which can generate orders and also customizable for the various needs of marketers.

Using conversational SMS is very simple, just ask the customers to reply with an associated keyword, number, etc. Once they reply the response is sent instantly.

Conversational text messaging can save time by automating your customer service and engage your customers with relevant and professional conversations all the time.

Start engaging with your customers now by using Voicy.AI’s SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement app.

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How SMS Marketing can impact your business

Regardless of the span of the business everybody began incorporating SMS Marketing in their marketing blend.

Numerous organizations are utilizing SMS as an approach to connect with their customers when they are most likely to stop by your business.

If you have not considered it yet, it is the time to reach out to all your customers. More than 2.5 Billion people have smartphones that are capable of text messaging.

Latest statistics state that people tend to receive communication over a text message over any other source like talking over the phone, email, etc.

Voicy.AI has developed a perfect solution for all your SMS needs using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement application.

Features & Advantages of SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement:

  1. Reach out to all your customers within seconds using Voicy.AI’s SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement App.
  1. Interact more with your customers and allow them to respond back to your messages quickly and easily.
  1. Give information about your products and service and generate orders all by using SMS
  1. Taking advantage of Conversational Marketing, make your customer engagement mechanized with pre-constructed SMS streams and adaptable Quick Replies
  1. Text messaging almost provides results almost instantaneously.
  1. People tend to open their text messages with a few seconds or minutes.


If you are not using text messaging as one of your marketing strategies, start using SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement and accelerate your brand loyalty and awareness. Voicy.AI offers SMS Marketing and Customer Engagement application beginning from 9.99$ per month.

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